Discover the completely new online look and services for the digital platform, which gives customers faster access to reports and insights, and dramatically accelerates the time-to-market for new customer websites.
Digital Experience Berenschot | 4NG
A new online look and service for the digital platform

Berenschot is a Dutch consultancy for public sector and business community organisations. They have been building the future of the Netherlands with their advice and solutions regarding care, energy and work for more than 80 years. Conclusion Experience set up a new digital platform that gives a good representation of Berenschot, offers e-commerce, and facilitates the rapid setting up of digital services for its customers.

Easy customer portal and efficient environment

We built the new digital platform in Umbraco. Berenschot’s individual solutions can be separated in terms of function, but visitors get access to a single sign-on service. In addition, we set up a customer portal to make it simple for visitors to log in, go through the checkout process, and manage their orders. Berenschot’s content employees can also work more efficiently. We created an environment in which they can create SEO-proof content.

Digital Experience Berenschot | 4NG
The next step? Even more digital transformation

We were able to create a platform that is fully searchable and filterable on multiple levels by linking content using content pickers. Furthermore, visitors have access to a simplified Product Information Management (PIM) system, while the customer portal provides a more efficient customer journey. All these optimisations and additions ensure the time-to-market for new customer websites has been accelerated from 6 weeks to just 1 day.

Berenschot employees can also work more efficiently. Less maintenance is required and content creation is easier, resulting in significantly lower costs. Now? Berenschot is ready to achieve even more of its digital transformation plans.

The power of Conclusion Experience

We migrated more than 100 cases, while Berenschot created more than 150 new services subpages. To ensure a smooth transition from the old website, more than 1,400 URLs were redirected.

Laura de Vaan
- Marketing Manager at Berenschot
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