Find out how the project brought new components and features live at a rapid pace.
Digital Strategy Brunel | 4NG
Getting started with support from Sitecore

With over 100 offices, Brunel is one of the largest secondment companies in the Netherlands. They contribute to projects in life sciences and renewable energy all over the world. But this time they asked Conclusion Experience for its contribution. We supported Brunel for 24 weeks by providing extra development capacity and guidance. We took care of developing new components and optimising existing components in Sitecore.

An efficient commitment to development and short lines

We worked closely with Brunel during this project. We adhered to the continuous development method. This means we performed the tasks on site at Brunel and were able to provide continuous support. In addition, we followed the Scrum method to set the tasks and goals and complete them in short sprints. We showed the developments to all stakeholders at the end of each sprint.

Using this working method, we achieved efficient deployment of development resources and maintained short lines between all the parties. Using the innovations, Brunel can:

  • use different content and design elements to lay out web pages.
  • use personalised components for multilingual websites.
  • go live with new components and features at a rapid pace.
  • track visitor behaviour and classify visitors appropriately.
  • tailor content based on the tracking technology to exactly identify where the customer’s needs lie.
Digital Strategy Brunel | 4NG
Applicable components for around the whole world.

Since using Sitecore, Brunel has been able to efficiently organise its web pages the way it wants to. It is now also possible to track the behaviour of visitors and use the information to optimise the pages.

Brunel had another challenge: they are active throughout the world, and the vacancy page layout differs per country. This is why we had to tinker with the design and content elements of the multilingual websites. The new tailor-made components are widely applicable and can be used in any country.

We implemented a new analytics tool at Brunel International, and we achieved 75% more page views and 58% more sessions.

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