The Buma Setlijsten [Buma Set Lists] app lets artists submit their set lists in one central place so they receive a fair compensation for their music.
Digital Strategy Buma-Stemra | 4NG
Difficulty submitting setlists? Not any more

Buma-Stemra is the organization of and for all songwriters and publishers in the Netherlands. More than 33,000 members receive fair compensation for the use of their music thanks to them. Sometimes musicians have to provide set lists, for example at concerts, in order to receive compensation. This is a labour-intensive job that is often improvised. The request made to Conclusion Experience? Develop an app that allows members to submit their set lists anytime, anywhere. 

Digital Strategy Buma-Stemra | 4NG
Diverse member panel for the optimal app

The set lists app had to be user-friendly and save time. This is why we immediately called in a diverse member panel while we developed the prototypes. This enabled us to validate our assumptions about functionality at an early stage. This interactive working method allowed us to tailor the details of the app to the user. The app offers many advantages:

  • Artists can compile their set lists online quickly and efficiently. 
  • It is no longer necessary to physically submit set lists: you can hand them in anytime, anywhere from the app.
  • All set lists can be found in one central place – losing lists is a thing of the past.
  • Artists gain direct insight into their own fees.  
  • The transition to a modern, digital organisation for Buma/Stemra has been initiated.

The organisation had to become agile, innovate and fully focus on collaborations. The first step towards a more modern and flexible organisation has been set in motion with the “Buma Setlijsten app”.


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