The new GVB app actively responds to the needs of the target groups. In addition, it is much more personal, task-oriented and easier to use.
Design & CRO GVB | 4NG

Your personal travel buddy

The public transport landscape is always changing, and the Gemeente Vervoersbedrijf van Amsterdam (GVB) [Amsterdam Municipal Transport Company] wanted to respond better to the needs and wishes of the user with their new app. The app had to be personalised and relevant, with a new way of paying and an improved service. But above all: it needed to be a personal buddy (also known as Gappie) for every traveller. Bikkelhart won the pitch process and designed the new digital app experience. 

A handy app for every traveller

Do you live in Amsterdam? Or are you a commuter or tourist? We first created a dashboard with the most important functionalities for each type of user. We used this for onboarding so the app could be configured to each user optimally. We also made a travel planner and designed barcode tickets with a payment system, which we put through many tests with usability tests. We thought the latter was important because the app had to be as easy to use as possible. The new app therefore offers many advantages for travellers:

  • They can add their favourite stops and trips to the app.
  • They can see real-time information about their route, and will be notified of disruptions or delays.
  • They can buy a ticket in the app, which means they can travel without a public transport chip card.
  • They can plan their journey and view it in the journey planner.
  • They get an overview of the nicest places in Amsterdam.
Design & CRO GVB | 4NG

The result? Happy users.

While the previous GVB app was only intended to provide travel information, the new app responds to the needs of the target groups. For example, it is now possible to buy tickets in the app, plan a journey with the journey planner, and add favourite stops or routes to an overview. In addition, the app is much more personal, task-oriented and easier to use thanks to the many usability tests.

What distinguishes Bikkelhart is that they really go a step deeper with the development of the solution. This gave us an even better idea of what the app would look like.

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