Nationale Opera & Ballet

Due to the launch of the new website, the number of tickets purchased online increased enormously along with mobile conversion. Curious about the exact numbers of the growth? Below you will find the results and read how Dutch National Opera and Ballet managed to achieve this with the help of Conclusion Experience and what was needed to realize this.
Performance & Growth Nationale Opera en Ballet | 4NG

A modern website for a classic theater production company

Dutch National Opera & Ballet is the largest theater production company in the Netherlands. Every day, more than 600 employees work at the highest level on opera and ballet performances. The website, on the other hand, was in need of an update. And that's what Conclusion Experience was called in for. We updated the house style, made the website more user-friendly and provided a better management system.

Better overview and a fresh house style

The project was subdivided into subprojects, for which Dutch National Opera & Ballet selected 9 specialized parties. Retina (part of Conclusion Experience) was commissioned to realize the website in Drupal. We tackled the navigation structure, which had become cluttered due to the growth of the site. The house style and overall performance were also refreshed and improved. In addition, we integrated the website and webshop (ticket system) with each other, and we made the CMS more workable for easy management. With the new innovations:

  • the navigation structure is up-to-date and clearer.
  • the website became much more user-friendly.
  • the house style is more attractive and fits in better with Dutch National Opera & Ballet.
  • the environment you end up in after your purchase is more beautiful and clearer.
  • the management of the website is much less time-intensive.
Performance & Growth Nationale Opera en Ballet | 4NG

A nice website for employees and users

Since the launch of the website (including the new ticketing system), the number of tickets purchased online has increased by no less than 23%. The conversion on mobile devices is also 11.5% higher than before. In addition, the number of new newsletter subscriptions increased per month by 250%.

It also looks better behind the scenes. The employees of Dutch National Opera & Ballet find the management of the new website much easier. It saves them dozens of hours per month.

We are very happy about the partnership with Netvlies (part of Conclusion Experience). We have experienced the level of project management and development as very high and the contact is pleasant. Furthermore, Netvlies thinks along well, is flexible and solution-oriented. A hit!


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