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Pets Place’s online store sales increased by 15%, and conversion by 20%, after implementing Dynamic Yield.
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One of the largest pet shops

With over 200 locations, Pets Place is one of the largest pet shops in the Netherlands. There is always one to be found in the area with an extensive range and a polite service. Their ambition? To translate these core values to their webshop. They wanted to offer customers a relevant and personal shopping experience online, and Conclusion Experience was given the opportunity to put it all together. 

The optimal customer experience

Dynamic Yield is a major player in e-commerce. The platform collects and manages data to create personalised customer experiences. Dynamic Yield was linked to the Pets Place Magento Shop environment as part of the implementation. Links were also made with CRM, PIM and ESP systems. This allowed Pets Place to achieve several goals:

  • They were able to use their existing (customer) data to create audience segments.
  • Each segment could be linked to the right experience. 
  • It was possible to reach potential leads at the right time.
  • Experiments for optimising the customer journey could be set up.
  • The customer lifespan was maximised.
Digital Marketing Pet's Place | 4NG

The result? More orders and better service

Since using Dynamic Yield, the marketeers at Pets Place can easily implement new user stories on-the-fly. The result is that webshop turnover has increased by 15%, while conversion has increased by more than 20%. For example, the new recommendation bar has already generated 10% extra turnover.

The best thing about this project? The order size. Pets Place customers now buy more products and spend more. The webshop owes this to the renewed product recommendations, which they can now personalise based on audience segments. The more service for the customer, the more sales for Pets Place.

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