A mountain full of knowledge and data, which is constantly changing: the RDW is bursting with information. This collaboration ensured the information is now better, faster and easier to find.
Digital Strategy RDW | 4NG

New digital landscape

Anyone visiting the RDW website has a question or is looking for a service. This might be about number plates, registrations and driving licences, or MOTs and suspensions. The RDW needs to have all the information available, even though new legislation often means it changes quite often. With a considerable growth in tasks, people and information, the digital landscape of the RDW was due for renewal. And theFactor.e (part of 4NG) got to work.

Easy and clear work

The first thing noticed was customer contact centre employees had several screens open while they searched for information. It had to be done easier and clearer. We created an environment grouping all the information together. We developed the building blocks, which can be exchanged through all RDW environments, in Sitecore. We also improved various functionalities, such as making a better search engine and minimising the text on the website. For the ultimate customer experience, we are working on implementing the house style, a new decision tree and better accessibility of the website. These improvements ensure the RDW can benefit from many advantages:

  • The new knowledge base is scalable, easy to adapt and expand.
  • Employees can now log in to see all the information from one place.
  • Employees can immediately see what the customer sees on the website, and what they can use to supplement the information.
  • Editors only have to adjust content once, and the changes are adopted in all places after that.
  • Functionalities have been improved: smarter search engine, fewer layers, less text on the website, and saving articles as drafts is now also possible.

Extended collaboration

The enormous knowledge base employees use to provide customers with answers has now been integrated into RDW.nl. It now works easier and better. But mainly it saves a lot of work for the RDW editors. If they change content in one place, the change will be adopted everywhere. Previously this required doing the same thing several times.

The great success means the collaboration between 4NG and RDW will continue over the coming years. An annual plan has already been established, the 4NG construction team will work with 11 RDW employees.

The great thing about theFactor.e is that we are a great team that really works well together and can get started right away. We have daily contact, including via Slack. It doesn’t feel like a customer-supplier relationship. This is as much their product as it is ours.

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