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Royal Ahrend customers can use the new “thuiswerken [working from home]” platform safely and quickly thanks to the Optimizely DXP platform created by Conclusion Experience.
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The ultimate home office

Royal Ahrend is an international leader in commercial furniture. The portfolio is made up of four well-known brands: Ahrend, Gispen, Presikhaaf and Techo supply end users with sustainable office, learning, healthcare and shopping environments all over the world. Ahrend lacked the right infrastructure for “thuiswerken”, the new platform employees use to select home office furniture purchased by their employer. They asked us if we could make it happen using Optimizely – and we did.

Everything in one place using Optimizely

We built the infrastructure with Optimizely Content Cloud and Optimizely Commerce Cloud. We integrated the products on a multi-brand platform that serves all customer groups in one. In addition, we created a customer-specific web shop, with which Ahrend can integrate the customer’s HR system with a single sign-on. This allows employees to access their employer’s catalogue without the need for a new account. Using this structure, Royal Ahrend can:

  • carry out all its communication, production and delivery activities in a user-friendly way.
  • serve all customer groups on one platform.
  • measure conversion, satisfaction and key touchpoints within each customer journey.
  • provide a better service and tweak the proposition for each customer.
  • integrate all of its systems into one seamless customer experience in the future.

Webshop for home workplaces

A pleasant working from home environment requires an ergonomic workplace, just like at the office. For example, an ergonomic office chair, a height-adjustable desk, and a screen at eye level. It is possible to order a home workplace in our webshop that perfectly meets your personal needs.

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One ambition fulfilled, many more to go

Since using Optimizely, Royal Ahrend enjoys many benefits. For example, running on the Optimizely DXP platform is a huge advantage as it is compliant and secure for all customers as part of the solution and service.

The next step for Ahrend is to now integrate all the systems into one seamless customer experience, which will enable the company to be even more data-driven with its work. Ahrend wants to expand this to both online and offline channels.

Digital-first: The essence of your online strategy

To adapt to the developments of the corona pandemic, Royal Ahrend started operating a new digital-first online strategy. In a constantly changing and digitising world, companies are continuing to struggle with the right digital strategy. Download the whitepaper and find out:

  • why an online strategy is so important
  • the challenges Royal Ahrend faced
  • how you can offer a better and more personal service
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Being an Optimizely customer since 2012, it was an easy decision to build a new solution with both Optimizely Content Cloud and Optimizely Commerce Cloud.  The products were integrated onto a multi-brand platform servicing all customer groups in one.

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