The new service portal has generated a lot of positive feedback and is being rolled out in Germany, Great Britain and France at an accelerated pace.
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Find and order products faster

Terberg is a dynamic family business that develops innovative solutions for the waste and recycling sector. We worked with Terberg to develop an advanced international service portal for loading systems to make the service and ordering process of spare parts more efficient. Customers can use this portal to find, select and order any available part for any vehicle from their own fleet, quickly and easily.

The ultimate e-business solution

We started the project by holding sessions with the stakeholders and asking about Terberg’s ambitions and their impact on the service portal. We then created personas and a customer journey. With those two things in our pocket, we were able to get started with the design sprints: the first insights and ideas were translated into a prototype and tested. Using the experiences we got from the user tests, we worked in sprints towards the ultimate e-business solution for Terberg. The new portal offers many advantages:

  • Customers quickly find what they are looking for: the product overview works quickly, and the filters respond immediately.
  • Customers who log in with their fleet see the parts that are relevant for each vehicle.
  • The portal is continuously monitored so problems can be addressed immediately.

The next step? International roll out.

The new service portal forms a solid foundation for Terberg to achieve its online ambitions. It has therefore generated plenty of positive feedback, from the Terberg organisation to the dealers and end users. Terberg management has therefore decided to accelerate the roll out of the portal to Germany, Great Britain and France.

Netvlies is involved, clear and realistic, and knows how to create a high level of commitment by bringing people together and asking critical questions. Our organisation has really started moving.

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