Read how we handle payment traffic fully automatically thanks to the implementation of a subscription billing system.
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An automated, over-the-top service

In response to the fast-growing streaming landscape, RTL wanted to launch an over-the-top service for Videoland. When Conclusion Experience was approached, they were already very far with the development of Videoland. Our job? Support the video-on-demand part with a subscription billing system, so that everything is handled fully automatically.

From complex to easy

For the system, we used Zuora, a software that could handle all the complexity with ease. An integration layer was needed to link Zuora to the existing systems. For this we built ZeS and a payment gateway. ZeS linked CRM systems such as Salesforce, Dynamics and Genesys to Zuora. Videoland was able to handle the payment traffic with the payment gateway. The new system offers many advantages, such as:

  • Support from specialized technology companies, such as Zuora.
  • Easier management of customer invoices over various billing periods.
  • The choice for visitors from both transaction and subscription forms.
A successful platform and 24/7 support

With Videoland, RTL is able to provide the desired answer to competitors such as Netflix and HBO. To this day, they run a successful platform using Zuora as a base.

And we are still happy to be part of that! We provide 24/7 support. If major launches are scheduled, with a peak in the number of subscribers expected, we are ready to actively monitor and provide support.

We were looking for a company to support our ambitions that is flexible in their services and product and capable of scalable services. We found them here.

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