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Discover how enormous growth in donations and donors has been achieved in 3 years. With the new website now available on a single platform, information, activation and recruitment are seamlessly connected.
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A platform that makes the difference

The World Wildlife Fund has been campaigning for endangered animals and their living environment for 60 years. But to really make a difference, WWF also wants to inspire its website visitors to take action themselves. We developed an integrated platform focused on activation: from shopping for sustainable products in the WWF shop to sharing practical tips.

All-in-one for a seamless connection

The new platform has been implemented with Optimizely and Salesforce. This makes it easy to manage WWF’s content, marketing automation, personalisation and e-commerce from one CMS. This means they can seamlessly connect information, activation and fund-raising. To maintain consistency with the experience, we designed a design system so that WWF can also be flexible when building pages. The platform offers many advantages:

  • Based on the user data Optimizely collects, the visitor is better informed and activated about how he/she can use his/her own resources.
  • The content is personalised based on click behaviour.
  • Content and campaigns are shown in one screen, and WWF has access to unlimited domains to reach all markets.
  • Forms to sign up for events or to make donations are very easy to put together.
  • The flow is linked to Salesforce so the processes can be organised better and more efficiently.
Digital Experience WWF | 4NG
The result? Huge growth for WWF

The new website is being used by WWF Nederland to start a major movement in which everyone can contribute to the conservation and protection of nature.

WWF saw a 323% growth in donors over a 3-year period. The number of donations increased by 1285%, while the turnover of the webshop grew by 430%. This helped WWF with the big step from making a loss to becoming profitable.

Digital-first in 4 steps

WWF Nederland optimised their online strategy by recognising the importance of digital-first. In a constantly changing and digitising world, companies are continuing to struggle with the right digital strategy. Download the whitepaper and find out:

  • how to get started with your digital-first strategy
  • the challenges faced by WWF
  • how to optimise your results from your strategy
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We can continuously learn and optimise using our new platform in combination with Salesforce. This allows us to be relevant to existing and new relationships across all channels.

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