Bloomreach develops content, customer engagement and personalised site search, merchandising and recommendation solutions to achieve personalisation and to drive unparalleled business growth.
Mix of customer data and AI

Customer experience

Most customer journeys are disconnected, which results in the stagnation of business growth; there is no control over customer profiles, websites display irrelevant content, and the product data does not match the customer data.

These gaps result in customers being disconnected from the website, which slows business down no matter how hard the commerce team tries to keep up.

Bloomreach connects the experience by placing the essential commerce functionalities into one package, allowing teams to focus on one goal: making the customer happy and creating a unique customer experience

The Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud consists of three key solutions:

  • Commitment, realise the true magic of customer data by delivering engaging, consistent, and tailored experiences across digital touchpoints. 
  • Discovery, Discover and match customer profiles to products using AI-powered site search, SEO, recommendations and product merchandising.
  • Content, gain more revenue and reach using truly personalised personalisation with an API-first, headless content platform that is flexible enough to power any front-end.

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A dream collaboration

TheFactor.e (Part of Conclusion Experience) went looking for a solution to improve the experience of the website visit for Saxion. The platform lacked rich content, and it was unclear to visitors where they could find the requested information. Read the case and find out:

  • how Bloomreach provided the right solution
  • the strengthening of the collaboration between Saxion and TFE
  • the results achieved in the short term

We chose a partnership with Conclusion Experience because of the perfect match between our visions. Bloomreach has always thought differently about how data can achieve the right digital personalisation.

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