Are you looking for a new subscription system? Chargebee is the best subscription management platform to help you easily deploy and manage subscriptions. 4NG is a European Gold Partner and is committed to achieving digital requests.
Complex subscriptions

What subscriptions do you manage? Your bike, Netflix, the library, or all three? It seems very logical to you, but quite difficult to keep track of at the back end. Meet Chargebee, the global leader in Subscription Management. Chargebee connects your CRM and ERP systems to the Chargebee platform to achieve full automation of your lead conversion. They have developed a subscription management platform for your subscription system that offers more overview, simplicity and efficiency.

Simplify your subscription system

Chargebee’s subscription management platform allows you to find all your subscription and customer data quickly and easily. This means you can always see the cycle of a subscription and the billing of your customers at a glance. Chargebee offers several payment methods. For full control of your subscriptions.

  • Get a clear view of all your subscription and customer data.
  • Respond to the needs and motivations of your customers.
  • Retain full control over your billing.
  • Choose from multiple payment methods for optimal customer experiences.
  • Quickly change your rates, discounts and promotions.
  • Connect your CRM and ERP systems to automate the customer flow.

The added value of working together

As 4NG, we see the subscription market growing strongly. We wouldn’t be 4NG if we didn’t want to enter into a partnership with the best Subscription Management Platform on the market and offer it to our customers. 

With 4NG’s expertise of the digital transformation process within companies, we ensure Chargebee is implemented in the right way so the right systems work together to completely unburden you.

Chargebee 2 Exact Online Connector

Are you looking for a way to synchronise your Exact Online financial administration with Chargebee? This integration, provided by official Chargebee partner 4NG, automatically syncs all your subscriptions, bills, invoices and financial transactions between the two solutions.

Setting up the integration requires no custom configuration and provides easy scalability for any organisation size. Contact us today and we’ll synchronise your Chargebee and Exact Online systems in no time.

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Experience the convenience of the C2E Connector

No customisation

No custom configuration required. Just configure the webhooks.

Highly scalable

Architecture allows easy scalability to any size.

Flexible hosting

Can be hosted in any Azure subscription.

Short timelines

Can be expanded with other entities within days.

Keep it simple

Neither system needs to be changed: tracking & matching is done in the connector.

Up to date

Continuous improvements via updates and customer feedback.

Facts & figures

Solution partner
10 +
Years experience
Projects delivered

Badges won

Gartner Peer Insights Customer First
Best usability in Revenue Management
Best Leader in Subscription Revenue

Get more out of your subscriptions

What should you consider when setting up a subscription earnings model? And what requirements does your solution place on your administration and accounting software? In this white paper you will learn to:

  • How to create automatic (sub)administration for
    your subscription billing.
  • How to find the right supplier and administration system.
  • The best way to go through the implementation process.
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In addition to enjoying recurring revenue from customers, we also wanted to know everything about retention and churn, and the upsell of additional products and services. A traditional system doesn’t provide that information; Chargebee does.

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