Create the ideal customer experience with the all-in-one experience platform. Optimizely puts digital content, commerce and marketing in 1 screen. Conclusion Experience is the only Optimizely Platinum Partner in Europe.
Effectively manage your customer journey

Optimizely is a digital experience platform that allows the entire customer journey to be easily optimised. The platform allows you to perform A/B testing, multivariate testing and visual editing. The test results help you quickly identify where improvements in the customer journey can be made, and they are continuously updated in a real-time overview.

Many companies step back from linking 10 software solutions. Digital marketing is changing rapidly. With a proliferation of platforms and processes, offering customers the best possible service can be complex and time-consuming.

Marketeers and Online Managers are looking for simple ways to create unique customer experiences from one clear platform. To serve content, commerce and marketing to the customer in a personalised and efficient way.



Content, commerce & marketing in one

The Optimizely CMS is complete and user-friendly. Small and large organisations can easily optimise their customer journey using it – and without the help of developers. Content and campaigns can be managed from one screen, while all markets and brands can be accessed using access to unlimited domains.

  • Easily create content with drag-and-drop forms and other features.
  • Create landing pages that connect to your customer journey.
  • Test and personalise content with the publishing flow.
  • Efficiently manage your content thanks to the intuitive user interface.
  • Use built-in tools like A/B testing and e-mail marketing.
Proud Optimizely Platinum Partner

As an Optimizely Platinum Partner, Conclusion Experience confirms its role as a specialist in achieving the digital growth of companies. Conclusion Experience is one of the Dutch digital agencies that can call itself a Platinum Solutions Partner. Optimizely: the market leader for an all-in-one digital experience platform. Optimizely is a global market leader with a suite of tools for developing and optimising digital marketing, content management and e-commerce. After the acquisition by Episerver, which saw both companies continue under the current name, it has expanded into a powerful all-in-one platform. It provides a seamless experience for the user on the front end, and the convenience of one system for marketeers and editors on the back end. Optimizely is used by more than 9,000 companies worldwide, including big names such as Ebay, Mazda, Dolby and Pizza Hut.

Optimizely - 4NG Platinum partner

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Digital-first in 4 steps

WWF Nederland optimised their online strategy by recognising the importance of digital-first. Companies are continuing to struggle with the right digital strategy in a world that is constantly changing and digitising. Download the whitepaper and find out: 

  • The challenge faced by WWF.
  • The point WWF turned to Optimizely.
  • How the new digital strategy evolved in 4 steps
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As an Optimizely customer since 2012, it was an easy decision to build a new solution with both Optimizely Content Cloud and Optimizely Commerce Cloud. The products were integrated into a multi-brand platform that serves all customer groups in one.

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