Optimise every customer interaction with Salesforce’s CRM system and bring your customers closer to you. Work more efficiently and faster using the integrated Salesforce platform.
Serve customers optimally

Did you know that 84% of customers find the experience with a company just as important as their products and services? That’s what Salesforce brings to the table: this CRM system brings companies, governments and institutions closer to their customers. How? By mapping the customer journey and seamlessly connecting the software to it. This offers the optimal service for your customers.

Operate faster and more efficiently

Salesforce gives all your employees the same overview of your customers on one integrated platform. You can therefore organise all information about leads, prospects and customers easily from one place. With all the customer information at your fingertips, the entire sales team can operate more effectively and efficiently. This is the ideal way to quickly offer your customers a personalised experience.

  • Track your interactions with customers at the highest level.
  • Ensure a personal approach on every channel with the MarketingCloud.
  • Connect Salesforce to other business applications for optimal data acquisition.
  • Install ready-made solutions that support your business processes.
  • Integrate real-time chat and Salesforce data into documents, spreadsheets, and slides.

Facts & figures

Solution partner
10 +
Years experience
100 +
Projects delivered

Personalization and organization

The EO media company was looking for a platform to manage the administration and relations of various memberships and payments. Read in the case how Salesforce helps with:

  • marketing activities
  • personalized contact strategy
  • flexible organization in terms of administration
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