For organisations working across various sectors, every team and customer benefits from Sitecore’s integrated, configurable solutions. From content to commerce, Sitecore delivers memorable experiences at every stage of the customer journey.
A special customer experience

Are you looking for a way to not only reach your customers, but also touch them? Sitecore helps you set up innovative solutions to create a special customer experience. The Content Management System, which also offers experience and personalisation options, gives you a 360-degree view of your customers.

The CMS for experiences

Sitecore is basically a CMS, but the name “Experience Platform” is a better reflection of their vision. The platform allows you to not only create and deliver content, but also to analyse it, using A/B testing for example. Monitor your visitors’ behaviour, both on your channel and external channels, and aggregate the results into the Sitecore Experience Database.

  • Build pages yourself or use ready-made components. 
  • Measure what your visitor is interested in and adjust your content. 
  • Create a custom shopping environment.
  • Analyse the customer journey with the Path Analyzer, and respond accordingly. 
  • Create personal and relevant online marketing campaigns.
A completely carefree digital transformation

As a Sitecore solution partner, our trusted experts can help you with a completely carefree digital transformation:

  • Innovative designs for world-class vertical solutions
  • Certified specialisations and broad possibilities
  • Accessible support around the world

Facts & figures

Solution partner
15 +
Years experience
100 +
Projects delivered
Netvlies - Part of 4NG

Efficient webpages

Brunel used Sitecore to efficiently organise their web pages the way they wanted, as well as to track visitor behaviour. View the case and read:

  • how Brunel uses Sitecore to optimise web pages
  • the challenges they faced
  • how the implementation is applicable in each country

Our customers have the opportunity to manage a very complex website in a fairly simple way using Sitecore. We can work quickly and flexibly within the CMS to adjust the website and optimise the user experience.

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