CRM & Subscription Management

Place your focus on your customer involvement and expand your offer with subscriptions.
Respond to the requirements of your customer

Would you like to focus on the needs of your customer more? And would you like to do that in combination with subscription-based products? CRM & Subscription Management can help you develop a customer-oriented solution.


CRM & Subscription | 4NG
Enrich your portfolio with a subscription management tool

More and more companies are expanding their portfolio with subscriptions. Many therefore choose to fully automate the billing and collection process. This requires a subscription management tool. We work with partners such as Chargebee, Zuora and Goodsign who are frontrunners in this field. 

At the top of this specialism is Conclusion Experience agency PossibilIT, our implementation partner and specialist in CRM solutions. PossibilIT uses tools such as Salesforce, Dynamics-CRM and Hubspot to help you tailor your digital solution to the needs of your customer. For a customer-oriented focus like never before.

Why CRM & Subscription Management at 4NG?

Would you like to leave your CRM & Subscription Management to us? Major brands such as Videoland, Linda Magazine and WWF have already come before you. You will be able to enjoy many benefits: 

  • A 360 degree view of your customer using Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Accomplish all your goals with the out-of-the-box options provided by Zuora, Chargebee and Goodsign.
  • Bundle complex product offers with contract management.
  • Fully integrate your IT landscape on one platform.
  • Lift your CRM and marketing to a higher level.

Our CRM & Subscription Management labels

They provide an efficient, clear and irresistible customer journey.


PossibilIT biedt software oplossingen om je klantproces te automatiseren en te vergemakkelijken. Volledig afgestemd op jouw behoeften en doelen.


Brainbrothers ondersteunt je op het gebied van development en applicatiebeheer. Zij zorgen voor digitale continuïteit, zodat jij kan focussen op de rest.

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