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The number of applications for a Florius Verduurzaam Hypotheek [Florius Sustainable Mortgage] has increased since the arrival of the chatbot.
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Insight into sustainable living

Florius mortgages have evolved with its customers for more than 70 years. Now we are in the time of sustainability and energy saving, Florius wants to serve its customers in that area too. How? With a chatbot. Conclusion Experience was allowed to put chatbot Robert together to provide insight into the possibilities of sustainable living with help from Florius mortgages.

Green life complex? Not any more

The front end of the chatbot was developed in React. This is the ideal framework because it does not have to reload the page to display a chat message. The storylines and scenarios are arranged in Conversational AI Cloud. We retrieve the various sustainability options using API links and calculate the investments and savings. The chatbot is not only smartly developed, but also easy to use:

  • The bot explains complex topics step by step, such as you would find with a personal consultation.
  • Customers quickly gain insight into the possibilities, costs and benefits of sustainable living.
  • The chatbot provides personal advice based on the customer’s current living situation.
  • Using Robocopy, the text of the chatbot is natural, useful and convincing.
  • And if the text requires editing? This can be done quickly and easily using the Umbraco CMS.
The chatbot is a success: requests are pouring in

The aim of the chatbot is to discuss what is possible, what it yields and how you can achieve this economically with, for example, Florius’ Verduurzaam Hypotheek [Sustainable Mortgage].

The results and reactions after going live are very positive, and the first applications for a Florius Verduurzaam Hypotheek have been submitted via the chatbot. The next objective is to learn and optimise during the upcoming period to further improve the Florius chatbot.

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Close co-operation with Florius

Working closely with Florius, we devised and developed the chatbot concept with a multidisciplinary team. The validation with end users before going live is an essential link in the success of this project. A green start is really half the work.

Julien Mohr
- Strategic Design Director at 4Net (Part of Conclusion Experience)
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