With the new tailor-made platform, Olympia places people in work that gives satisfaction and offers growth opportunities.
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New professions, new opportunities

In a changing labor market in which robotization and automation will replace part of the jobs, matching people with new niche professions is very important. Olympia helps people discover where their strengths lie and for which functions they are or could become suitable. The question to Conclusion Experience? Realize an app in which employees can do their time administration, explore their growth opportunities and find meaningful work.

Give meaning to your work

The app for Olympia was integrated into the existing technical landscape. On the front end, we combined React Native with Expo for maximum agility in the app. Think of over-the-air updates and easy push notifications. And by using one codebase for Android and IOS, the app is even more flexible. In addition, we used best practices from the market for specific components. For example, StudyTube for the learning environment, WCC for job matching and for authentication and authorization. The new custom platform offers many advantages:

  • Employees can easily write their hours and view pay slips.
  • The app inspires employees for a job with (more) meaning.
  • Employees discover their talents and get to know themselves better.
  • Based on personal insights, the app offers tailor-made vacancies.
  • Employees can contact Olympia employees directly via the app.
Digital Marketing Olympia | 4NG

Olympia grows with the app

In the first 7 months, the app received 15,000 intensive users, and this number is still growing fast. 27% of users already used the app on a weekly basis.

The learning environment with courses and trainings is used well, for example, courses such as 'Flawless Dutch' and 'BHV, the basis' are often taken by applicants so that they have a better chance of success in the labor market.

The result? More than 100 new applications are received every week and more than 400 users are busy with the 'Discover' and 'Develop' modules of the app.

In the future, the app will become even smarter and can anticipate the completion of a job. Meanwhile, Conclusion Experience helps Olympia to grow with the service and the app.

The thoughtful approach, from usability research to MVP, in combination with the validation of established hypotheses, has led to an app that fully meets the needs of our candidates. A sustainable eco-system on which we can continuously develop.

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